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Book / Cancel

- Book and cancel classes right in the app! No need to use your computer or wait for an email or phone response. Add a reminder to your calendar when you book a class and receive an email message when you book or cancel. If there's a waitlist for your class, you'll see it in the app.


- View your upcoming class schedule and keep track of your attendance. Attendance tracking is great for challenges! View descriptions of each class and review the classes you've attended so others can know what you loved about the class.

Buy Classes / Sessions  

- Buy class packages (1, 5 or 10 Class Pass), Drop In, Monthly Memberships, Special Events, and Sauna Sessions. You're also given the option to add gift cards and update payment information on checkout.

Update Information  

- View and change your account information including address and phone number as well as payment methods. Look up your purchase history and see how many classes you have remaining in class pass purchases. If you're on unlimited monthly, you can see when your current month expires. 


Read Reviews

- Read reviews from other students about the classes they've taken and what they liked about the class. Class title and instructor name(s) are automatically included. If you find the information helpful, you can mark it in the app. 


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