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Ambassador Program

We are always looking for new members to join the Wellness Lounge Team!

We love to connect with our community, so please tell us about yourself.


What it means to be a brand ambassador is the following

  • You love our brand! You are our number one fan!  (you have already liked our Facebook Page and Instagram)

  • You actively practice yoga.

  • You are active on social media and in your local community

  • You are a local athlete, instructor or role model in the community in which you live

  • You wear our brand with pride and are comfortable tagging us in your photos, sharing our posts and directing your followers to our webpage and social media profiles.


The perks of being an ambassador:

  • After your initial purchase of one of our products at full price, you will be given 20% off all future purchases

  • When new products and designs come out, we will let our ambassadors know and you will get to purchase these items before they are released on our website

  • You can proudly include "Wellness Lounge Team Member" on your profiles

  • Wellness Lounge will promote you and what you love to do to our community

  • You get free shirts! Every now and then, we will send you FREE stuff!



If you are interested in joining our tribe and helping to share Wellness Lounge Wear with others, please send us an email with the following details:

1) Why do you want to be a brand ambassador for WL and how will you help to share the WL love with your community (on and offline?)

2) What makes you a good candidate to be an ambassador?

3) Are you a certified Yoga Teacher and do you teach at a studio? 

* Please keep in mind that we receive many applications each week. We try our best to respond within 10 business days, however, sometimes we are not able to. Regardless, you can count on getting a response from our Community Manager.

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