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Wellness Coaching

What are your personal wellness goals? To eat cleaner? To become a vegetarian? To use your phone or electronic devices less often? To walk more? To train for a marathon? To be more mindful? To make time for friends and family? To find balance? To find yourself?

My approach to wellness coaching doesn’t only involve nutrition and exercise. It includes anything YOU want to work on. I am here to guide you on the path you choose.

The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.
-Flora Whittemore


  • A free 30-minute discovery session

  • Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions via phone/skype/in-person - 45 minutes each

  • A personalized easy-to-understand wellness plan with clear action steps to guide you on your health journey

  • Life tips to help incorporate sustainable change

  • Guidance and accountability to help you succeed and reach your goals

  • Inspiration and motivation to make life-changing shifts in your daily routines

  • Unlimited email and/or text support between sessions (24 hour response time) to assist in decision making and celebrate successes and progress

Let's get started!

Rachael Andredas Wellness practitioner wellness coach plant-based nutrition juicing Pittsburgh

Benefits of working with me and a Wellness Coach

  • Commit to your weight loss efforts

  • Commit to your healthy eating strategy

  • Commit to your exercise routine

  • Commit to your pursuit of knowledge

  • Commit to your community service efforts

  • Discover your methods for creative self-expression

  • Practice your unique talents and gifts

  • Feel free to play again and have fun

  • Increased energy and vibrancy

  • Elimination of clutter in your life

  • Ability to relax and breath more

  • Balance of work/play and moving/rest



Ready for your food revolution?

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  • Self-awareness

  • Increased sense of self-worth, self-esteem and self-love

  • Increased identity and self-concept

  • Positive self-talk/positive mental attitude

  • Understanding of your true values and beliefs

  • Understand your thought patterns and habitual responses

  • Change self-limiting to self-empowering beliefs

  • Gain control of your inner-critic

  • Feel less distracted

  • Gain intrinsic motivation

  • Feel proud of who you are and your achievements

  • Increased happiness

  • Understand your emotions

  • Feel personally significant

  • Ability to communicate your true feelings

  • Foster healthy relationships and intimacy

  • Gain love, meaning and purpose in your life

  • Internal connectedness

  • Better understanding of your natural self

  • Feel grounded in the world

  • Live more consciously

  • Appreciate the here and now

  • Become more present

  • Gain clarity



Rachael Andredas Wellness practitioner wellness coach plant-based nutrition juicing Pittsburgh

Ready for your food revolution?

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